5 Ways to Build a Website

OK, so before you start off down the path of building a website there is an important area you need to be aware of.The infamous: “LAW of the developers triangle.”This law states that there are 3 areas in building a website, Time, Cost and Quality. Unfortunately, you can only have 2 of the 3.

There are 5 different methods to building your own website, Free builders, Template Websites, WordPress Websites (blog/cms), Do-It-Yourself and Professional web design.

Each of these ways, has pros and cons, but the simplest way to decide is to use the Developers triangle and choose which 2 of the 3 items is most important to you.

how to build a website cost triangle


Free Websites Builders

Probably the simplest to use, the Free Website Builders offer the ease of use (quick and easy), with minimal cost but sacrifice not only on quality…but also functionality. Meaning, you are very restricted to the type of content you can put on the website, as well as what you may like it to actually do. These are for very basic 1-3 page websites.

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Template Websites

The majority of the cost involved in building a website is in the Design. So, logically, by using a Template Website for the design of your website, you essentially cut a large portion of your cost. So you get pretty good quality, and the cost / time is really not that intestive…so what is the catch? The only drawback on using template sites, is you will generally not have the knowledge to customize it to your needs, (Meaning you are going to have to either learn how to or hire a programmer) and most do not come with a CMS system (Content mangement System) which allows you to edit the content on your site your self throught a backend management area.

Now some templates are all ready made to put on a CMS. There are several to choose from, but instead of confusing you, I will let you know that WordPress is by far the best CMS to use.

And if you are going to use Wordpress as a CMS, then you might at well start there shouldn’t you. 😉

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WordPress Websites

Over 90% of the website I design are built using Wordpress as the CMS (Content Management System).  Now basically, all we are not talking about is “Skinning a CMS” (In Web Designer Speak). We are looking to find the best methods of getting an interface (design or look) onto the WordPress system.

Within the world of building a Wordpress website, there are several different choices which have their own little Developers triangle (Cost, Time, Quality).

Overall though, the WordPress websites are without a doubt the best middle of the road option you can choose.

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Do-It-Yourself Web Design

You might look at the developers triangle above and ask, “Why would anyone want to build a website this way”. Well, if you have the Time, but not the money and you are looking for something you can build yourself, and also develop a pretty handy skill set, then you might actually like Do It Yourself Web Design.

I’m not going tot teach you how to code, but I will point you in the right direction as far as, tutorials, tools and pitfalls to look out for.

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Professional Web Design

YES, I know, I’m a professional web designer so it would be only blaring obliviously for me to push my services. Right? Well, if that’s what it looks like I apologize, but my intent is only to make you aware of what is involved in Professional Web Design, and help show you what to look for when hiring a pro to build your site, as well as what you should expect as far as cost (This one will get me into so hot water quickly.

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