Tweetadder 3.0 Video Tutorial – How To Use It To Get More Followers and Drive Traffic

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“The goal for most on twitter, is to get a lot of targeted followers, which can drive a ton of targeted traffic to a website…for FREE!”

However, the number one complaint I get from my customers when I approach them with this topic  is: “I don’t just don’t have the time to tweet or search for followers to build my twitter network”.

Image for a minute that you had 5000 followers on twitter. All of them opted to follow you because they are genuinely interested in you and your products.

Now, with one simple tweet with a link for a special offer, you can drive almost a 50% of your followers to your website! WITH ONE FREE TWEET!

Have you ever written an ad that had that kind of response…let alone in only a 140 character comment with a text link?

So why doesn’t everyone do this?

The issue becomes “Time”. Searching twitter for people to follow, following them, unfollowing those that dont follow you, constantly tweeting to your followers,  direct messaging them when they follow you…etc. It is very time consuming.

Enter Twitter Automation

Knowing this is an issue for many small businesses, several companies created software that does most of the more time consuming tasks for you.  There are several options available, and I have used most, however I have been using two Socialoomph and Tweetadder 2010 together for a while now. Each seemed to to what the other could not.

Recently, because of changes to Twitters API (the way these programs speak to twitter), Tweetadder, released Tweetadder 3.0 so it no longer uses the API and ADDED more functionality so it not only does what the other did…but WAY MORE.

Twitter Not Happy

Twitter Automation tools allow you to manage your twitter account automatically. Its that simple.

However, because of power these system provide, many see this as an opportunity to “spam” the system to get rich quick. They try to follow thousands a day and blast them with affilaite links.

If twittter suspect you of using automation tools to spam followers, they will suspend you account.

I have pushed this envelope…and found the limits.

The Natural Automation Solution

To stay off twitters radar completely, Tweetadder should be used with what I call  “Natural Automation” methods. A tool what works with you, not instead of you. Its powerful automation features should only be configured to imitate the normal twitter habits of a real person in Twitter.

For example, you can set up Tweetadder to follow up to 900 people a day and unfollow that many …every second. But realistically, you could never do that in Twitter, and that is just the kind of automation twitter is actively searching for. “Naturally” you would realistically only be able to search for maybe 20-30 new people to follow every day and it might take 5-10 minutes to do that, and perhaps only from 7pm – 10pm.

With Tweetadder you have the ability to set it up to mimic that exact “natural” behavior.

Top 5 Features to use in Tweetadder

Tweetadder has a lot of functionality, and since 90% of my clients are small business, my focus here is show more of only what tools you should be using in Tweetadder to get the most benefit and requiring the least amount of time on your part.

1 Automate your Tweet Searches
Using keywords to find people to follow, is the first of the core features of Tweetadder. You search for exact keywords or phrases that people are tweeting about live and then can save those people to a list of people to follow. You can search followers of another person, those followed by another person, or even setup a search to be run automatically so whenever anyone tweets a keyword, Tweetadder “Automated Tweet Search” feature saves that person to your list of people to follow.

2 Automate your Follows
Increasing followers in a powerful indicator of you importance on twitter. The more followers, the greater the influence. However, spending time searching for followers is a very time consuming process, which Tweetadder now make effortless and has the control to make it appear completely natural.

3 Automate your Unfollows
You don’t want to show that you are following 3000 people and only 50 are following you. Makes you look , well, “needy”. If your goal is to increase followers and you are following someone for a few days and they don’t follow you back, you need to unfollow them so you maintain a low follow/unfollow ratio and don’t have the “needy” look. Tweetadder makes this very simple, and again has the controls to make it appear very natural.

4 Automate your Tweets
The core of Twitter is the tweeting and for small businesses, should be a blend of sales, promo and personal tweets. Automation is not very “personal” so best to leave the sales and promo stuff to Tweetadder. You can set up this system to run off of a list of tweets that you generate a head of time. Reminders, Links to your website or product, sale information etc.. But it will only work if YOU actually login once in a while and post tweets that are more relevant to the day, what you or the business is doing right now, customer joke, vendor comment…little things your followers can relate to that help them identify with you and make it almost impossible to recognize your using an automated system.

5 Automate your Thank you Messages
As Tweetadder notices you have a new follower, it shoots them a quick direct message tweet thanking them for following you. Great opportunity to promote a product or service you have, sale, or links. Without automation, thank yous are very tough to maintain and a huge opportunity to directly start a communication with your new follower.


How to use Tweetadder, a video tutorial and guide for small business.

To hopefully make this easier to understand, I have created a 2 part video on how to best use and setup Tweetadder.


Part 1 Tweetadder 3.o How-to video Tutorial

Click X looking icon in bottom right of the player below to view in fullscreen.


Part 2 Tweetadder 3.o How-to video tutorial

Click X looking icon in bottom right of the player below to view in fullscreen.

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